Barnet wins outsourcing appeal

Barnet Council has won a Court of Appeal hearing against its One Barnet change programme, which the council hopes will save £126 million over the next ten years.

In April 2013 the council successfully defended a High Court legal challenge brought by a resident against elements of the One Barnet programme. It called into question the council’s decision to award contracts to Capita to run back office services and enter into a joint venture to deliver development and regulatory services.

During the High Court challenge Lord Justice Underhill ruled that the application for judicial review was out of time. His decision was appealed on 15 July and a judgment on that appeal was delivered by The Master of the Rolls, Lord Justice Davis and Lady Justice Gloster on 2 August.

The Court of Appeal judges agreed with Lord Justice Underhill’s ruling that the case for a judicial review was out of time. Lord Justice Davis concluded that the appeal case be rejected, stating: “My opinion is that these proceedings were properly assessed as out of time and accordingly that this application should be refused.”

Councillor Richard Cornelius, Leader of the Council, said: “This contract with Capita will save the Barnet taxpayer £126 million over the next decade. We have to be clear that we are in line for a decade of austerity and we have to look at all opportunities to drive down costs while supporting our services.”

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