Barnet – North or West London?

LB Barnet has said it main join a LEP with West London neighbours, rather than with its North London ones.

The Council is reported by a leading industry commentator to be looking at a “North West” London LEP configuration as an alternative to the one being put forward by the North London Strategic Alliance (NLSA), which covers Barent, Waltham Forest, Harringey, and Hackney – reportedly saying “it (the NLSA bLEP bid) has some similarities to Barnet’s bid but we were keen to do our own with our partner boroughs as we felt that the North London bid did not quite cover the economic geography that we wanted. The work of NLSA also often tends to focus on the Upper Lea Valley which Barnet has not got much in common with. You may hear our bid referred to as the A5/A506 Growth Corridor, in partnership (some associates) with Harrow, Brent, Hertsmere, Ealing and Camden (some discussions are still to take place)”. 

This is somewhat at odds with the LEP proposed and led by West London Business and reported earlier, and is symptomatic of the confusion reigning in London around the formation of these Local Economic Partnerships.

LEPs will be debated at the forthcoming Place West London conference on October 14. Book your seat now!

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