Barnet ends tenancy for life

A new system of council house tenancies, aimed at targeting housing for those most in need, has been launched by Barnet Council.

The majority of new tenants will now be offered a fixed term renewable tenancy which will be reviewed every five years instead of being offered a lifetime tenancy. Existing tenants will still see all their current rights, including a secure lifetime tenancy, fully protected. The first new tenancies will be signed this week.

Most people aged under 25 will have their tenancy reviewed every two years and will receive support from Barnet Homes to help them become more independent.

The new system will also see secure life-time tenancies granted to ex-armed forces personnel who have seen active service, older people who have reached retirement age and households where a person, their spouse or child is disabled or terminally ill.

Councillor Tom Davey, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “At a time of significant housing pressure it’s right that council homes are there for those in the greatest need.

“Rather than a home for life irrespective of circumstances, the new policy will take account of a tenant’s changing housing needs and recognise if a person has the means to rent or buy a home of their own.

“It will also support young people to become independent by offering a short term tenancy in return for them studying or training, and will help tackle under-occupation by freeing up homes which are larger than a person needs.”


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