Barnet consults on SPDs

Barnet Council has launched a consultation on two draft supplementary planning documents focussed on residential development design.

‘Residential Design Guidance’ aims to provide direction on the design aspects of future developments and deals with modifications such as extensions and conversions to existing homes, and also provides detailed guidance on issues such as local character, car parking and density in relation to new build developments; while ‘Sustainable Design and Construction’ addresses the more technical aspects including standards for energy efficiency, and indoor and outdoor space.   The consultation follows the adoption of two key planning documents earlier in the year – the borough’s Core Strategy and Development Management Policies which together make up the borough’s Local Plan.    Councillor Joanna Tambourides, Cabinet Member for Planning and Regulatory Services, said: “These two supplementary planning documents are extremely important in helping to manage the effects of growth and to make sure Barnet remains an attractive place in which to live.   “As Barnet continues to grow it’s vital that we have guidance in place which will help shape the borough for many years to come.”

The consultation will run until 17 January next year.



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