Barnet consults on SEET SPD

Barnet Council is to consult on its draft Skills, Employment, Enterprise and Training planning document.

It sets out the council’s approach to delivering skills, employment, enterprise and training initiatives from development through Section 106 contributions.

It introduces legal obligations, known as Local Employment Agreements, to manage development related job opportunities.

The approach outlined in the document is to make sure that appropriate commercially used land and buildings is available to support successful small to medium sized enterprises. It sets out measures to mitigate any loss of space capable of addressing modern business needs.

The draft supplementary planning document is subject to six weeks consultation. The council expects to adopt the SPD in late 2014.

Councillor Joanna Tambourides, Cabinet member for planning, said: “Barnet is a growing and changing borough. New development and regeneration projects provide us with plenty of opportunities for new business and jobs. We want to make sure our local residents benefit from the employment and training these opportunities create.”

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