Barnet consults on business support

Barnet Council is asking residents, business and other organisations for their views on a new Entrepreneurial Barnet policy.

The council is aiming to make the borough “the best place in London to be a small business”.

The policy explores how the whole public sector in the borough can work together to support successful business.

This, say the council, could potentially include ensuring there is the right mix of skills available in the workforce for local employers, making it easier for local businesses to bid for public sector contracts, working to make town centres safe and attractive, and getting the right mix of residential and employment opportunities in regeneration areas.

Barnet currently has a large number of business start-ups – 2,912 in 2012 – but only 53 per cent of businesses survive more than three years, less than the outer London average.

Councillor Daniel Thomas, Deputy Leader of Barnet Council, said: “Councils cannot wave a magic wand and transform the economy, but we can work to make sure the whole public sector is working with business in mind, in part by minimising red tape and stepping out of the way.

“But there is a positive role for councils to play. The investment that Barnet Council has put into supporting NEETS, young people not in education, employment or training, has played a part in Barnet having the fourth lowest proportion of such young people in the UK, and shows what a small amount of well targeted support can achieve.

“I would like to hear from residents and businesses where they think similarly careful investment and other support could help business in the borough.”

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