Barnet consults on spend priorities for the future

Barnet Council has published a “Call for Evidence”, encouraging businesses, community organisations and residents to give their views on the challenges facing the council and the borough over the rest of the decade.

The council says its spending power in 2020 will be slightly over half that of the council budget in 2010, so they are consulting over how to prioritise.

As well as economic promotion, services covered include housing, social care, waste and green spaces, schools, and public health.

The council says it wants to support businesses by ensuring the right skills mix for economic growth and matching skills to vacancies.

Andrew Travers, Chief Executive of Barnet Council, said: “We have deliberately highlighted challenges but been open about what the solutions could be. We want to hear from groups about how they could work with the council to support the borough, and how we might be able to do things differently in the future.

“The challenges outlined, such as the growing demand for services, will remain the same irrespective of who forms the majority group after the council elections in May.

“The council of 2020 will have much less to spend than currently, but demand for key services continues to grow.

“We will need to do things differently if we are to continue to provide a high level of service to residents and we will need to involve more groups in providing these services.”

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