Barnes is Deputy Mayor as Bojo begins work

Richard_barnesRichard Barnes, GLA member for Ealing and Hillingdon, is the new Deputy Mayor, while Sir Simon Milton, of Westminster, is appointed chief advisor on Planning.

The new Mayor could make a big difference for regeneration and property in West London, like his labour rival Mr Johnson promised in his campaign to build 50,000 affordable new homes over the next three years. But he plans to abandon Livingstone’s policy that half of all new builds should be affordable, which will change the delivery landscape markedly.

He has also said he plans to release land owned by the GLA and £130 million from the Regional Housing Pot to launch a new housing scheme aimed at first time buyers.

On environmental sustainability, he has said he intends to pressure firms to build more environmentally friendly homes in the private sector. Boroughs will be encouraged to adopt the ‘merton rule’ for sustainable on-site energy.

He has also been public in his opposition to plans to construct a third runway at Heathrow airport, memorably suggesting that Heathrow might be better moved to the Thames Gateway. 

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