Back Heathrow sends PM a postcard

Back_Heathrow_PostcardPro-Heathrow expansion group Back Heathrow has asked its supporters – they claim 100,000 – to support Heathrow by sending a postcard to the Prime Minister.

Back Heathrow expect thousands of residents from west London and the Thames Valley to make their views known to Prime Minister David Cameron by sending him messages of support for Heathrow expansion.

Campaigners fear that a vocal minority of anti-Heathrow protesters will use any tactics possible to defeat what they say is the majority view in west London and the Thames Valley that Heathrow should expand. The move to lobby the PM comes after it was revealed that 53,000 residents responded to the Airports Commission public consultation backing a new runway. Individual respondents who wrote to oppose expansion numbered in their hundreds.

Back Heathrow’s Campaign Co-ordinator Rob Gray said, “We are hoping thousands of our supporters will make their views known to the Prime Minister. The majority of residents living near Heathrow back expansion at their local airport. They do not shout, scream or chain themselves to fences, but they hold strong views and have every right to be heard.

“I urge everyone who supports a bigger and better Heathrow and the enormous community benefits that it would provide to speak up now.”

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