Back Heathrow group launched

A group backed by businesses has launched to back Heathrow’s bid to expand.

The group – Back Heathrow – says that over 100,000 jobs that depend on Heathrow Airport are under threat from the possibility of the closure of the airport, and that they have come together to campaign for a secure future for Heathrow Airport.

Various options for the future of aviation in the south east of the UK have been put to the Davies Commission, several are explicit that Heathrow would close to allow them to succeed. Hillingdon Council have said that they would prefer to see Heathrow closed.

Back Heathrow is concerned about the mass job losses that could hit west London if Heathrow were to close – from the 115,000 jobs directly depending on the airport, to the estimated further 250,000 in companies that could relocate if Heathrow closed.

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