Back Heathrow asks Boris to say sorry

Back Heathrow say that the Airports Commission public consultation received more than 72,000 responses, with 53,315 of these from local residents supporting the Back Heathrow campaign.

They say that Back Heathrow supporters comprised 86% of responses from individuals, while just 350 responses were received from anti-Heathrow expansion campaigners.

Rob Gray, Back Heathrow Campaign Co-ordinator, said: “The silent majority has spoken. Thousands of residents, community groups, MPs, businesses, airlines and unions have sent a clear message that they want the UK’s only hub airport to grow.

“Heathrow’s critics like Boris Johnson and Zac Goldsmith should now do the decent thing and apologize for their shameful attacks on an airport that has overwhelming majority support following an open and transparent process. Now we need action and for some politicians to catch up with public opinion on this vital issue.”

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