BAA announces capital programme

heathrow t2BAA has announced its £735m capital works programme for 2013/14.

The programme includes a £90m contribution to Crossrail and £210m for new projects reports Construction News. The other £435m is for projects already underway, including the new Terminal 2 (pictured).

£735m is less than the average works completed per year under the current framework, but a BAA spokesperson told Construction News the figure was based on 07/08 prices and so did not represent a significant drop in funding.

BAA gace a progres update in the new T2 at the same time, saying that nine of the twelve steel cores and over 50 per cent of the steelwork for the terminal building and its roof is in place, with the slab and perimeter wall of the terminal’s substructure complete. Work on the superstructure is expected to be largely completed during 2011.

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