Avanti Free School to move

Avanti House Free School will be relocated to another local authority from September 2013.

The school has been based at the Teachers’ Centre site in Tudor Road, but the Department of Educationn has determined that site is too small for the school’s plans and it will be relocated to another council.

Harrow Council have expressed their dissappointment, with Leader, Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar, saying: “We are disappointed by this decision. We have done everything in our power over the past twelve months to try and work with the DfE and find a way to accommodate the school at this site.

“Harrow , along with local authorities across the country, is yet to receive funding from the Government to build or expand schools for much needed additional places for children.

“We will now work with other partners to look into the possibility of opening a new free school at the Teachers’ Centre site.”

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