ASL gets TfL Masterplan job

Asl_masterplan Austin-Smith:Lord has been appointed to initiate a masterplan for 13 sites owned by Transport for London fronting the A40 in West London, and then to generate development briefs and outline designs for each site.

The sites are predominantly residential, and the development feasibility is commissioned by TfL for the purpose of increasing site values prior to disposal to residential developers and housing associations.

Sites 1 & 2 fall within the ownership of TfL, originally acquired by the Highways Agency to facilitate part of a road-widening scheme planned for the A40 trunk road between Gypsy Corner and Western Circus.

This scheme was abandoned as it was thought that it would encourage increased car commuting to Central London which would have been inconsistent with transport policies promoting traffic restraint and sustainable forms of travel.

Currently sites 1 & 2 are vacant and derelict as the majority of the residential properties that previously occupied the site have since been demolished. The surrounding land use is predominantly residential.

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