Arup set up Heathrow Rail Hub Company

Arup rail hub local_rail_services Arup is reported to have filed documents at Companies House on the formation of "Heathrow Hub".

The Sunday Times reported that the new company has been set up by Arup, who put forward the first scheme for the high speed rail hub at Heathrow, which has in recent weeks been jumped on by both Government and Opposition.

The Government is expected to give the go-ahead for construction of a third runway at Heathrow this week, despite opposition from Cabinet members, green campaigners and local authorities near the airport. The inclusion of the Rail Hub, and the Environmental Targets also likely to be forced on the new runway, are seen as attempts to head off opposition.

Arup has now created a company focussed on the Hub development. The Sunday Times reports Documents at Companies House show several of Arup's most senior employees are directors.

Arup declined to comment on the piece, but it is reported that the company will seek to raise about £10m from outside investors to pay for detailed feasibility work. The engineering firm used a similar approach to develop its plans for the Channel tunnel rail link in the late 1980s, setting up a group that formed the basis of today’s London & Continental Railways.

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