Arup HS2 report published

hs2 routesA report by Arup on potential ways to link the High Speed 2 North-South rail line to Heathrow has been published by the Uxbridge Gazette.

The Gazette has reported on an unpublished report from Arup on options for linking the HS2 scheme into Heathrow Airport. Arup has been lobbying for HS2 to be routed through Heathrow, with a hub station close to Iver. They formed a company – Heathrow Hub – to promote this option, but it was rejected by the Department of Transport as too expensive.

However, HS2, the company who are working on the plans on behalf of the Government, have asked Arup to look at options for connecting Heathrow to the line. Arup’s report outlines options for where a spur or loop from HS2 will first divert towards Heathrow; where the airport station would be; and where the loop would rejoin the main line.

The cheapest option involves a surface spur through Denham. DoT has said there could be a firm decision next year.

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