Arts Project working at Green Man Lane

An arts project using blighted space hopes to engage with youngsters with an interactive installation on the Green Man Lane estate while it is being rebuilt.

“Open Ealing” launched last month in Uxbridge Road, Ealing. The project started five years ago working with West Ealing Neighbours to get shops to display local artists’ work.

Last year, A2Dominion, who are redeveloping the Green Man Lane Estate together with Rydon Homes, offered the group the chance to use a building scheduled for demolition as a temporary art gallery with studio space.

The project’s focus is to provide workshops for people in Green Man Lane, Sherwood Close and St John’s Street. But the project is open to everyone, say the organisers. It aims, like South Kilburn Studios, to provide residents with stimulating and educational activities, in a bid to combat anti-social behaviour, and aid social regeneration.

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