Art under flyover

Land under the Hammersmith Flyover is set to become a ‘kinaesthetic’ piece of art that aims to stimulate local interest and encourage public interaction.

The architects are all post graduate students from Oxford Brookes University and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.

The students will have three days to complete the art, which must be finished by Thursday, January 31. Kinaesthetic art explores ideas of play, movement, stasis and visual manipulation.

The project aims to “creatively develop (one of the) negative and neglected spaces thrown up by infrastructures”, as well as to “release the latent beauty and dynamism of the space”, close to the junction of the Fulham Palace Road and the Hammersmith Gyratory.

Deputy Mayor of Hammersmith & Fulham, Cllr Frances Stainton helped to chose the location. She said: “We have gone for a very central and prominent spot that is certainly in need of some visual improvements. I drive underneath the Flyover regularly and it would benefit from some stimulating and thought-provoking art. There is no doubt that art/architecture can brighten up the mundane and have a very positive impact on society as a whole. I look forward to welcoming these students for what should be a fascinating project.”

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