Art projects aim to improve SK

The South Kilburn Public Art Project is kicking off with four new art projects which aim to improve public space and give an outlet for local creative skills.

The South Kilburn Public Art Project is run by Brent Council in partnership with the South Kilburn Neighbourhood Trust and aims to breathe new life into the area. The first project, the refurbishment of an empty shop in Peel Precinct by local artists and residents, will open in January and serve as a creative community hub for those living on the estate. 

Young people of South Kilburn will also have the opportunity to train with some of the UK’s top free-runners as part of the Evolve 0.1 arts project. Parkour, or free-running  as it is also known, is a physical discipline which encourages young people to explore their surroundings and is best practiced in built up urban areas . The first workshop takes place on Saturday 15 January and will be combined with film making led by and parkour expert and filmmaker Karen Palmer.

Other projects in the pipeline include working with local residents to transform vacant offices in the heart of the estate into a temporary community facility that will be used as a place to provide training, skills based workshops and hold cultural events. There are also plans to embed words and memories of  residents into the physical structure of the estate.

Andy Donald, Brent Council Director of Regeneration and Major Projects said: “The South Kilburn Arts programme will help to transform neglected buildings into community hubs where residents can come together and learn new skills. It will also encourage young people to explore where they live in imaginative and creative ways and hopefully foster a sense of pride in their neighbourhood.

“Ultimately this project will compliment the major physical changes happening in South Kilburn and help to improve the day to day lives of local residents.”

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