Argument made for night-time landings from West

Opting to land planes at Heathrow from the west during the night when weather allows would more equally share the burden of disturbed sleep, the London Assembly heard during a debate.

Currently, more than 70 per cent of planes landing at Heathrow at night come from the east due to a more favourable wind direction.

As part of a Government consultation, it has been suggested that overnight planes should land from the west instead, when weather conditions allow. This would increase noise for 15,000 residents to the west of the airport, but decrease it for around 110,000 to the east.

Dr Darren Rhodes, of the Civil Aviation Authority, told the Assembly’s Health and Environment Committee such a move would share the burden of night time disturbance more equally by reducing landings from the east to around 60 per cent.

There are an average of around 15 flights landing each night at Heathrow, most of which are flights from the Far East landing after 5am. Members were told of an airport-commissioned report that suggested these flights contribute £340 million to the UK economy and sustain 6,600 jobs.

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