Architects to propose alternate designs for King Street

Architects from a dozen Hammersmith firms gathered last weekend to come up with alternatives to the current plans for the King Street regeneration.

The Helical Bar/Grainger scheme to regenerate the western end of King Street has council support, and would rid the borough of the widely disliked town hall extension building, replacing it with a new public square.  The council workers would be rehoused in a new office block as part of the scheme, providing an £18m saving to LB Hammersmith & Fulham.

Some high-profile locals are oposed to the scale of the plans – particularly to the height af the towers proposed. Now a group of architects have held a brainstorming session on alternative plans.

The idea of the brainstorming session was to propose ways of achieving the schemes goals without building the towers, or the new bridge link with Furnival Gardens. However, those present told the Hammersmith Chronicle that they realised their ideas might mean council cash would have to go in to the scheme.

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