Approval for Vanston Place

vanston placeA CZWG designed scheme in Fulham is approved by LB Hammersmith & Fulham.

The scheme is a sister building for the “Tutti Frutti” building on Fulham Island. It will replace a derelict Bingo Hall with a residential led mixed use scheme.

The T shaped building, for Crystal Partners, has a continuous façade to the street with a wing running back into the depth of the site with gardens either side. In deference to the neighbours light and outlook this wing is on a split level half a storey lower than the frontage. There are 42 apartments of which 21% are affordable including family units with private outside spaces. All the flats have balconies or terraces.

tutti fruttiFulham Island, the bright collage of new and existing buildings completed in 2001, is credited with positively transforming perceptions of Fulham. The Tutti Frutti building (left) on the square overlooking St Johns Church and gardens has become a local landmark.

The design evolved, say CZWG, through “very constructive consultation with planning officers and local residents”. The planners report said the proposed building had been developed from a carefully considered analysis of the surrounding townscape and the role of the building within it, and added that it was a high quality contextual façade with presence, and an appropriate backdrop and setting for St Johns Church.

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