Anti-ASB lights for Hounslow

Hounslow Highways is fast tracking the installation of new LED street lights in a bid to combat anti-social behaviour in the top 60 crime hotspots in Hounslow.

A total of 1,706 lamps make up the 60 locations, 1,060 of which have already been completed. This includes two streets in Chiswick, seven in Feltham and five in Hounslow.

A further 327 street lights have been brought forward from 2014 as part of the initiative. The remaining 319 street lights are yet to be designed and the design, which can take up to four weeks per scheme, has been brought forward to allow installation to happen in early 2014.

The works fall under the Hounslow Highways Core Investment Period (CIP) which is investing £100 million in the first five years of the new highways service.

Hounslow Highways Service Director Rob Gillespie said: “The new LED street lights provide a clearer more even light and have been proven in UK studies to improve crime detection through better facial recognition and improved visual clarity of colours. They also contribute to an important reduction in the fear of crime.”

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