Airplot competition winner announced

airplotGreenpeace have announced the winner of their competition to design a “fortress” for their site in Sipson.

The Greenpeace website gives details of the winner of the Airplot Contest. The competition aimed to find the ideal structure to fortify the site in the way of the Third Runway, so that, as the website says “if the police come to turf us out, we can peacefully resist them”.

The winning design was “Groundswell” by Lukas Barry and Alastair Parvin, architecture graduates and designers working in London, a defendable structure which is a “physical articulation of people-power”. The designers want it to be “collectively created by the thousands of individuals who oppose the runway plans, each person contributing a sack of earth to build up the structure”.

airplotThe tunnel network within the structure will be “kept a carefully guarded secret”. Lukas and Alistair said: What really grabbed us about this project was that it was an opportunity to explore a fundamentally different way of making things. Where traditional architecture has always been built by the few to impress upon the many, this would be the opposite: a structure built by the many to impress upon the few. If groundswell goes ahead, we think it will be the world’s first truly ‘crowd-funded’ structure.

The designs will be on show at the Bargehouse Gallery on London’s South Bank from 2-6 June.

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