Acton regen moves forward

Acton town hall LB Ealing has agreed progress on regeneration plans for the town centre and South Acton estate.

The Council proposes that a new 25metre swimming pool, trainer pool, library and community centre should be built in Acton town centre at either Acton Town Hall or the South Acton Estate North. The Council will now enlist residents’ help to determine the final location for the facilities.

Ealing Council’s Executive Director for Regeneration, Pat Hayes, said: “Existing community facilities in Acton are reaching the end of their life and now is the time to plan for the future.  By planning new facilities at well known locations like the town hall or South Acton Estate North, we can create a real centre for the Acton community."

The proposed new community and leisure facilities are part of a broader council drive to renew and revitalise the Acton town centre.  A masterplan for the area was published last year, and public consultation on a £2million programme to smarten up the town centre through initiatives such as new paving, lighting and street furniture has taken place. 


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