Acanthus propose Brentford Kew footbridge

acanthus-brentford-footbridge-2Chiswick-based Acanthus LW Architects are proposing a new footbridge across the Thames between Brentford and Kew Gardens.

They say that a crossing in this location is not a new idea. A foot passenger ferry used to run between Ferry Lane on the north bank, and Brentford Gate in Kew Gardens, but this service stopped during the Second World War. Subsequent attempts to revive it have been unsuccessful.

This proposal started life in 2013 as a demonstration project. Acanthus Architects LW were invited by Transport for London to submit a theoretical design for a bridge or similar transport infrastructure project, the subject and location being at our discretion. They chose to develop at the Brentford location because it sits on one of the longest uninterrupted stretches of the Thames without a crossing, and a new crossing there would greatly improve recreational walking and cycling options.

acanthus-brentford-footbridge-1They also felt it would contribute to the regeneration of Brentford Town Centre and increase access to Kew Gardens.

The architects say that the project now has a growing enthusiasm amongst local people to see it happen. They think that with the upcoming opening up of the Brentford waterfrontage this bridge offers a “spectacular” addition to Brentford to help drive the regeneration of the town centre by attracting visitors to Kew Gardens who would then spend time in Brentford supporting local trade.

A bridge would certainly improve access for residents and workers. Acanthus’ designs are striking, and, given their local knowledge, likely to produce something residents could enjoy.

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