Academy hits eleven

As it completes its eleventh year, Heathrow Academy says it has placed over 3000 people in to work at the Airport.

Heathrow Airport says the Academy has saved the government’s benefits bill about £8 million through its work filling the skills gaps and giving local people in jobs over the eleven years of its operation.

Heathrow Academy’s team of recruiters, trainers, assessors and mentors provide local people with the training and support to get into work at the airport. Over the 11 years since the Academy was established, over 5,000 local residents – from school leaving age upwards – have been placed into further training opportunities and more than 3,188 have been placed directly into work at the airport.

In total, over 76,500 people are employed at Heathrow, equal to one in five jobs in the local area. Over half of the people who work at Heathrow live in the five local boroughs – Slough, Spelthorne, Hounslow, Hillingdon, Ealing – closest to the airport. Heathrow Airport says it has invested over £4 million in the growth of the Academy, and has ambitious plans for its future. Should Heathrow expansion go ahead, the airport has promised to offer 10,000 apprenticeships over the course of the expansion project.

Heathrow Chief Executive John Holland-Kaye said: “ The Academy gives an opportunity for talented local people to fulfil their potential, through one of the many amazing careers open to them at Heathrow. My aim is that a future Chief Executive of Heathrow will come from one of our local communities – and their journey may well start at the Academy.”

The Heathrow Academy works in partnership with Heathrow employers to support and complement their people strategies by sourcing suitable candidates, giving and developing people’s skills, succession planning and inducting their teams.

It is one of the areas where Heathrow is acknowledged to be ahead of other UK airports.

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