40,000 apprenticeships created

New figures show that in just over a year more than 40,000 new apprenticeships have been created in London.

This is double the number achieved in the previous year, and means London is the fastest growing UK region for new apprenticeships, with a share of the national apprenticeship total of up to to more than nine per cent. 

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, sees this as an achievement, but now wants to up his target on apprentices to hit the 100,000 mark by the end of 2012.

The Mayor and his ‘Apprenticeship Ambassador’ and former BBC ‘Apprentice’ winner Tim Campbell launched a campaign in November last year to boost the number of apprenticeships in the capital. Boris Johnson and Tim lobbied and personally wrote to some of the capital’s biggest employers, urging them to play their part in helping Londoners into work.

A new marketing campaign led by both the National Apprenticeship Service and City Hall highlighting the value of apprenticeships has been launched to target businesses across London in the weeks and months ahead.

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