2M want ‘Train for every plane’

2m logo The 2M Group of local authorities has released a plan for local transport improvements around Heathrow.

The Group is opposed to the Third Runway and capacity expansion at Heathrow, and says that their 'train for every plane' strategy, which combines their previously published High Speed North plans, would reduce the need for shorthaul flights from the Airport, and take a million cars off the local roads.

2M group map The plan requires a complete rethink of the Airtrack scheme. It suggests a more ambitious project with dual voltage trains continuing through the airport, providing a wider variety of connections including Woking, Bracknell and Staines and Uxbridge, Watford, Wembley and Cricklewood – the proposed interchange with the new high speed rail line from Euston.

Visit the 2M Group for more information at http://www.2mgroup.org.uk/

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