2M makes Heathrow submission

The 2M Group of local authorities opposed to expansion at Heathrow have made their first submission to the Davies Review.

They say plans for extra runways at Heathrow Airport will be blocked by “a proper assessment of Heathrow’s noise, transport and air quality impacts”.

The group also says that the Davies Commission will have to be totally transparent for its decisions, and their impacts on communities, to be accepted. The submission says “The overriding task for the Commission must be to win the confidence of those who will pay the price for any expansion – wherever it is located. It is for these reasons we urge the Commission to publish its assessment methodology for the second phase of its work so this can be opened for public debate.”

The 2M Group base their submission on air quality and noise impacts – both of which pro-expansion groups argue will be diluted over time by technological improvements in aviation – and on the ability of the local infrastructure to cope with additional passengers.

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