2M Group target Adonis

2m logo The 2M Group of councils is using the recent reshuffle, and Trasport Secretary Geoff Hoon’s resignation, as an opportunity to lobby for government policy change on the third runway at Heathrow.

Hoon is succeeded by

Lord Adonis, formerly a junior transport minister. Wandsworth Council Leader Edward Lister, speaking on behalf of 2M said: “All the local councils, residents organisations, environmental groups and business leaders who lined up to tell Geoff Hoon he was wrong about building a new airport the size of Gatwick at Heathrow will welcome his going. Lord Adonis now has the chance to draw a line under the Hoon era and take a long, hard look at just how a third runway squares with the Government’s key policies on climate change”.


Adonis is known to be a proponent of rail expansion, and the 2M Group, who are an alliance of 24 local authorities whose residents would be affected by a busier Heathrow, are looking for an early meeting with him to discuss the expansion issue.

Lister continues: Now is the time to reassess the environmental and economic case for a third runway and compare this against the benefits from investment in a high speed rail network.”

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