£21.9m for West London transport improvements

The Mayor of London has confirmed £21.9m funding from Transport for London to make improvements to transport in West London.

The Boroughs will each get a chunk of money from the Local Implementation Plan (LIP) fund allocated to councils to fund local projects which support the Mayor’s Transport Strategy. These include improvements to local town centres and public spaces, new cycling facilities, safer roads and measures to smooth traffic flow.

The Mayor’s office says that the funding announcement will mean the vast majority of the boroughs’ proposed schemes for 2011/12 will be delivered, and that, to support this, the Mayor has given greater flexibility to the boroughs so that they can prioritise projects according to local need. 

Following the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review, the funding allocated to London boroughs will fall over the next three years to reflect the reduced grant TfL receives from the Department for Transport. However, the funding for programmes such as road maintenance, bridge strengthening, major schemes and the borough discretionary fund have all been safeguarded. 

Brent gets £3.5m, which it will spend on a variety of schemes, including:

  • £30,000 to ease pedestrian congestion in the Wembley area and provide signage for pedestrians. Three stations serve the central Wembley area. During major events and games the surrounding Wembley area is severely congested, with the station nearest to Wembley becoming most congested because this is the most visually obvious route. The implementation of Legible London in Wembley will serve to direct pedestrians through the town centre to all three local stations. This will be of particular benefit during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games
  • £600,000 to improve the environment along High Road Wembley to Wembley Hill Road, including redesigning a number of junctions, improving pedestrian crossing facilities and street lighting as well as widening footways and increasing cycle parking
  • £150,000 to improve Harlesden Town Centre. Enhancing streetscape and improving the perception of the urban realm and developing better streets initiatives.  Reducing traffic casualties and facilitating an increase in walking and cycling. Bringing and maintaining all assets to a good state of repair

Ealing gets £4m, including:

  • £150,000 to carry out improvements for walking, cycling, road safety, buses and smoothing traffic flow on Uxbridge Road (Southall section)
  • £115,000 to improve traffic flow and access to public transport on the busy road links that make up the Ealing north – south corridor
  • £190,000 to encourage ‘on-road’ cycling through training for adults, children and families

Hammersmith & Fulham gets £2.6m, which includes:

  • £135,000 to improve signs and maps for pedestrians in the borough through the Legible London system
  • £540,000 to develop Fulham Palace Road including measures to smooth traffic through this busy and congested route, upgrading pelican crossings to puffins, improvements to waiting and loading bays as well as levelling road surfaces to pavement level at side roads to make it easier for wheelchair users or people with buggies

Harrow gets £3.9m, for schemes including:

  •  £223,000 to improve Harrow’s excellent safety record at key locations across the borough including road safety and traffic calming measures around Harrow Town Centre, Honeypot Lane/Whitchurch Lane and Shaftesbury Avenue
  • £105,000 to address road safety concerns at the junction of Streatfield Road and Christchurch Avenue, as well as review Heavy Goods Vehicals’ heavy use of this route and improve cycle facilities
  • £150,000 to improve congestion and bus accessibility by linking four sets of signals at the junction of Stanmore Hill and Uxbridge Road

Hillingdon gets £4.5m, including:

  • £1.8m to be provided over two years to regenerate the area along Yiewsley/West Drayton High Street including improving the shopping environment and addressing road safety concerns in Hillingdon
  • £60,000 to improve the physical environment including new pedestrian crossing initially in Uxbridge, then in other town centres such as West Drayton
  • £988,000 to improve the safety of routes to school and carry out school travel awareness including encouraging pupils, parents and staff to walk, cycle and use public transport for their school journeys instead of using the car

Hounslow gets £3.4m, for schemes including:

  • £540,000 to address road safety concerns on some stretches of Twickenham Road. Improvements will include measures to smooth traffic flow, improved conditions for cyclists, buses and pedestrians, as well as improving the feel and look of the town by removing street clutter
  • £110,000 to reduce delays to buses and general traffic by improving traffic signal operation and coordination in Hounslow Town Centre and Feltham
  • £180,000 to continue the borough’s award-winning programme of free cycle training for adults and school children, aimed at encouraging more of the borough’s residents to enjoy cycling as a healthy and cheap alternative to other forms of transport


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