20mph for Acton

Ealing Council is to roll out a trial of a 20mph speed limit across Acton.

The trial in Acton will start on Monday, 5 September 2016, and run for approximately a year. If the council deems it successful, then a public consultation will be carried out to extend the new 20mph zone across the whole borough.

The council cites the accident record as the key motivation –  they say 200 people are injured in collisions in the Acton area each year. With the  implementation of the new 20mph speed limit, the council estimates that at least 14 incidents could be prevented each year.

The 20mph trial applies only to the Acton area east of the A406 Hanger Lane/Gunnersbury Avenue,  and covers Southfield, South Acton, Acton Central, East Acton, and part of Ealing Common.

The 20mph speed limit won’t apply on Transport for London red route roads such as the A40 Western Avenue and A406 Hanger Lane/North Circular Road.

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport, environment and leisure, said: “We want our roads to be among the safest in London and already have 20mph zones or limits on more than a third of the roads in Ealing. Expanding the scheme and reducing speeds across the borough will bring many benefits.  Our streets will not only become safer, but it will also improve the local environment. I’m proud that we have a strong track record of road safety across the borough.”

Businesses who depend on the roads to deliver goods and services are unlikely to be pleased, feeling that their workers will be slowed, and productivity will fall.

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