128 missed connections – London losing out

London First campaign group Let Britain Fly has issued a published a new report suggesting London is missing connections to 128 of the World’s biggest cities.
The new infographic shows that London is currently not connected to 128 of the world’s biggest cities, but other European global aviation hubs like Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Madrid and Paris connect to 32 of these cities.

The research suggests that London will continue to fall behind other global aviation hubs without additional runway capacity. In particular it says that by 2030 there will be 77 more cities than today with populations of over 2 million (roughly the same size as Paris or bigger) and Britain will have limited capacity to connect to any of them.

Overall, we lack connections to 194 of the 309 cities that will have populations over 2 million in 2030 and other European hubs already connect to 41 of these destinations.

Let Britain Fly say that “a Britain outside the EU means a Britain that needs connections to the world even more than before”. They say investment in critical airport infrastructure will send a positive message to our trading partners and be viewed as a statement of intent.

They say: “This latest research demonstrates why it is so important for the new Prime Minister and Cabinet to get on and make a rapid decision on where to build the promised new runway following the Airports Commission’s recommendation last year”.

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