1000 trees for Hounslow

083 Hounslow will be decidedly greener after the Council has planted 1000 new trees around the Borough, in plans just announced.

Trees, and other urban "green infrastructure" have been shown to have significant effects on public health and well-being, and even provide economic benefits, helping to reduce sick days and stress. Trees have many other benefits such as improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions. Some street trees can help reduce repairs as the shade they cast can increase the life of road surfaces that can sometimes be damaged by getting too hot during the summer months.

Research also suggests that property prices on tree-lined streets are between five and ten per cent higher than on streets without trees.

The first phase will focus on increasing the number of trees that line local streets, and will run for around three months, with the last of the one thousand new trees scheduled to take root early next year.

The first 13 of the new trees have now been planted along Central Avenue, Hounslow.

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